The heavy is the root of the light;
The still is the lord of the restless.
If light, then the root is lost;
If restless, then the lord is lost.
- Laozi

  • 1 hr
    1,500 Hong Kong dollars
  • Injury recovery, postoperative care, scar treatment

    1 hr
    1,500 Hong Kong dollars
  • Hungkuen Kungfu, Muay Lao & Muay Thai Coming Soon



Victor Bourdeau 布偉途
Osteopath DO, BSc (Biochemistry)

A martial arts practitioner trained in Canadian Osteopathy, Victor Bourdeau works out of the Integrated Medicine Institute in Hong Kong, his hometown. Harmony of body, mind and spirit are the core of TAO Osteopathy's philosophy. 

  • Musculoskeletal disorders including spine, neck and shoulder pain, paresthesia

  • Cranial and visceral approach

  • Dysfunctions of the cardiovascular system and digestive organs

  • Headaches, migraines and sleep disorders

  • Sports injuries and post-operative care, scar tissue treatment

Registered member of the Hong Kong Osteopathic Association.