Osteopathy is a manual medicine taking into account the entire human body. Treatment includes manual techniques on the musculoskeletal, cranial, cardiovascular, digestive and urogenital systems to facilitate mechanisms of self regulation to restore nervous, vascular and biomechanical mechanisms. 

Osteopathy treats:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders including spine, neck and shoulder pain, paresthesia
  • Dysfunctions of the cardiovascular system and digestive organs
  • Headaches, migraines and sleep disorders
  • Sports injuries and post-operative care, scar tissue treatment
  • Pre and post-natal care for mother and child

Traditional Healing Massage

Traditional Healing Massage therapy from Thailand requires mastery of execution and years of experience. Techniques such as acupressure, myofascial release, stretching, joint traction, and deep tissue massage relieve tension, enhance circulation, and promote overall well-being. Following the session, you will feel refreshed, relaxed, and more in tune with your body.

Our therapists are committed to creating a secure and inviting space where you can relax and attain optimal health and wellness. The transformative power of our Traditional Healing Massage will benefit your mind, body, and spirit.

Martial Arts Training

Functional exercises and stretching tailored to your case, movement and philosophy from traditional martial arts. The use of breath and bodyweight guarantees a faster, sustainable recovery and allows to achieve the next steps on one’s path to health.

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