Martial Arts for Wellness and a Pain-Free Lifestyle

This video is one of my secrets to health. I built this flow from the practice of martial arts, often doing this routine before and after kungfu, muay thai and boxing trainings.

I have always loved how this movement practice allowed me to stretch and warm up. As I advanced further on my martial arts path, I incorporated a Qi Gong and meditation element to it, which gave this flow more power and a deeper meaning.

Rather than a regular warm up, I started perceiving this practice as borrowing energy from the earth before a workout, and then returning it (by performing it in the opposite sequence, from top of the body stretching to the lower joints).

Technically, this offers a stretch and activation of all major muscle groups of the body. Joint activation using complex functional movement unique to martial arts, allows for every joint to be activated in relationship to the rest of the body’s structure, bringing it all to the spine and its healthy motion.

You can practice this daily, or before/after a workout, or your work day. Regular practice will help you feel improved mobility and flexibility. Many will notice that they feel less pain (in the lower back, neck, shoulders) from this routine. Improved circulation induced by this flow will reflect in your breath, a calmer state of mind and a better capacity to regulate and adapt to any stressful triggers.

A short introduction to kungfu stances and muay thai techniques will give you a feel of TAO Osteopathy’s philosophy, of using functional movement from martial arts for health. More to come!

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